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 Are your toys machine washable?
Nooo :( If you put any of these toys in the washing machine they will turn into sad misshapen versions of their former selves. They can be spot washed or hand washed on the surface only. If you would like the long explanation, please continue reading below:
For us to maintain our requirements of being certified organic and using natural and organic filling, our toys cannot be machine washable. Both organic cotton and organic buckwheat hulls will lose their shape if they get too wet. Hand-washing the surface only is standard for almost all premium plush and organic toys. If you accidentally washed your toy please contact us directly so we can help you out! 

Do you ship worldwide? 

As of right now we only ship to the US and Canada. We are working on finding worldwide shipping solutions. If you are an international distributor, please email us at

Where do my toys ship from?

We ship from the very magical Nevada where all of your shipping dreams come true! (I know our order confirmation email states that we ship via the "Rainbow Express" but unfortunately that just isn't true...yet.) The location of Nevada makes shipping across the US very fast and easy. 

 My stuffed toy looks slightly different than I expected. Why is this?

It would not be the first time a picture on the internet fooled someone... But really all of our products are handmade which can also account for slight differences. If you received the wrong toy or you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason please contact us directly so we can help you out!

Where are your toys made? 

Our stuffed toys are ethically made in a certified "Garments without Guilt" factory in Sri Lanka. 

How do you go about donating to different non-profits/charities?

We keep records of how many of each toy we sell and donate annually to the corresponding organization. 

Have your products been safety tested?

Yes all of our toys meet ASTM and EN-71 safety standards and have been tested for ages 0+. Additionally our toys are OCS certified.

What age range are your toys suitable for?

All of our toys have been safety tested and approved for ages 0+ 
Don't forget to supervise infants and young children when playing with any toy! Some adults may need some supervision as well. Norman the Narwhal has been known to double as a sword when put into the hands of adult men. 

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